Our Services


We provide preventative and rehabilitative care that maximizes functionality and promotes well-being. Individualized treatment plans are developed to help achieve each patient's specific goals.

Injury Prevention

Physical therapists will examine a patient to determine if there are weak or inflexible muscles in the body that could make you more prone to an injury.

Fitness Testing

Is like an annual checkup, but for your fitness level. It is intended to help you meet your fitness goals, and helps identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Sports Training

We relieve pain, restore movement, reclaim confidence, and get people back to doing sports. We don’t just treat symptoms; we find and fix underlying causes.

PT Fit™ Personal Training

We work with patients who finish with Physical Therapy but still need some extra hands-on guidance with their rehabilitation by restoring mobility and strength.

Golf Swing Analysis

We provide you with a biomechanical breakdown, identify inefficiencies and develop an individualized prescriptive exercise program based on strength/flexibility screening.